Are You A Healthy Person?

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"Health is wealth!" Somebody great has said this and it is, indeed, true. Without health, life is incomplete. Healthy people enjoy their life but unhealthy don't.

Are you healthy? Do you enjoy your life? Take the quiz to find out! To get an accurate result, be honest and think twice before you make your choice. Good luck!

Created by: Herty

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  1. Are you happy with your life?
  2. Do you feel sleepy, tired, overcharged, boring all the day?
  3. On the scale of 1-5, how healthy are you?
  4. Do you smoke?
  5. Do you drink alcohol?
  6. Do you eat junk foods?
  7. How many diseases, sickness do you have now, including non-activeness?
  8. What type of food do you eat most of the time?
  9. Do your parents have any of these diseases? High-pressure, low-pressure, asthma, diabetes, cancer.
  10. How many minutes do you exercise? (If you don't exercise, then don't answer)
  11. At what part of the day, do you exercise? (If you don't exercise, then don't answer)

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Quiz topic: Am I A Healthy Person?