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It seems everywhere we look these days there is some sort of promotion or advertisement about good health and lifestyle. Well you may ask yourself what exactly does the phrase refer to? Basically it involves having the right mindset, good healthy balanced diet and regular exercise. We don't have to join the gym or become vegetarians, but achieving a healthy lifestyle is simple and it's entirely our own responsibility. Our body is like complex machine, without the right care they breakdown, without the right knowledge they can't be used to there full potential.

This quiz is created for you to test your knowledge level on healthy lifestyle and to prepare yourself for a healthy life based on the results you are getting.

Created by: K Kavitha Suresh
  1. Which food group is our body's best source of energy?
  2. How many servings of vegetables do we need each day?
  3. _______________ will help you to lose weight.
  4. Fruits are high in all of the following EXCEPT...
  5. Foods in the Fats, Oils and Sweets group give us a lot of...
  6. Which of the following foods contains cholesterol?
  7. High blood cholesterol may increase your risk of getting:
  8. All of the following EXCEPT ----- will reduce the amount of fat in your diet.
  9. Eating too many sugary foods may cause. . .
  10. Which of the following gives almost all kind of nutrients?
  11. A desirable level of fitness can be achieved through at least _______ workouts per week.
  12. Even moderate exercise reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and obesity.
  13. Physical activity can counteract the harmful effects of other risk factors like high cholesterol and high blood pressure.
  14. By being regularly physically active, you can help prevent:
  15. Pick out the normal range of blood pressure.
  16. Find out the normal BMI for our Asian Indians.
  17. Find out the fruits rich in antioxidant, prevents hypertension , obesity and reduces Belly fat.
  18. Reasons for you are always tired.
  19. Foods that make you more hungrier.
  20. Find out the good habits of positive living.
  21. Being Active is a very good for Dealing with stress.
  22. If you are trying to lose weight , the only sure way is to eat less.
  23. How many Minutes of Physical Exercise should adults perform each day?
  24. What form of the physical Activity is the best one?
  25. Why is Sleep Important?
  26. When is the best time to exercise?
  27. Letting your Anger out immediately is a best way to avoid stress.
  28. Meditation can easily reduce the stress.
  29. Find out the normal range of Fasting Blood Glucose.
  30. Which one is the normal range of Lipid level?

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