How Happy is YOUR heart?

This is a quiz to help us understand how much you know about being heart wise and having good cardiovasuclar health. This also wil help you test your knowledge about heart healthy choices in college. So do you think you are living a healthy lifestyle or munching on junk food watching football all day? Take this quiz and you will find out.

You will find out in just a few short minutes how heartwise you are. Many of us don't realize how much we need to change our lifestyle until we realize how much risk we are taking by living the way we are living. Take this quiz to find out how much you know about heart health in college.

Created by: amazon of Your Happy Heart
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  1. What is NOT a healthy food choice?
  2. At Georgia Southern, where can you go to workout for free as well as take advantage of many other wellness programs?
  3. What three things are main risk factors for cardiovascular disease later in life?
  4. How long should you exercise for each time (the minimum amount)?
  5. What fast food chain in stateboro provides the most healthy options for you?
  6. What number is it recommended that your BMI be UNDER?
  7. When you are grocery shopping on a budget (and trying to be healthy)...what item is best to buy?
  8. Pick one thing that you should probably stop doing to maximize your cardio health:
  9. Pick the best way to incorporate activity into your day without maxing out your time
  10. If your mom had a heartattack, does that increase your risk for cardiovascular disease later?

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Quiz topic: How Happy is my heart?