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Are you fat or skinny? That's what most quizzes would ask. However, many people weigh a lot, but perfectly healthy. It depends on your body type. You may be skinny, but maybe you are actually very unhealthy, but, because of your body type, you just can't be fat.

So, to find out how healthy you really are, don't pay attention to how much you weigh. Pay attention to how healthy you are inside, and this quiz will help you find out, even though what your doctor says is more important. And, if you get fat but your skinny, that means you have the same health problems as a fat person, and same the other way around.

Created by: Sara Wilkins of this site
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  1. Have you taken the "Are you on the computer too much" quiz?
  2. Do you play any sports?
  3. Do you think you exercise enough?
  4. GOING DOWN THE LIST!!!! Click the first one that is tiring.
  5. Have you taken any "Are you fat" quizzes?
  6. Do you like fruit?
  7. Do you like vegetables?
  8. Do you like to eat?
  9. What does your doctor say?
  10. You eat...
  11. Do you enjoy exercise?

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