How well do you know Teen titans?

There are fans of teen titans who only watch it for their entertainment, and there are COMPLETELY AWESOME POTATOES WHO ARE TOTALLY EXTREMELY RAD. Which one are you?

Are you a teen titans fan? Or a completely awesome person? Take this quiz to see! I'd be impressed to see a perfect score! Not everyone is in the Squad

Created by: Abby

  1. Who is the leader of teen titans?
  2. What planet is Starfire from
  3. Who is Ravens father?
  4. What power does beast boy have?
  5. Where is Raven from
  6. What was Robins first super hero name?
  7. Who is Cyborgs best friend?
  8. What is Starfire pet name?
  9. What is beast boys favorite food?
  10. Who is the titans worst enemy?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Teen titans?