Slugterra or Teen Titans Go!

Slugterra or Teen Titans Go? Not sure? Good. This test will help you dissident which is best for you. Answer the questions truthfully and you should have fun.

Slugterra? Teen Ttans Go? In a few short minutes we'll find out.

Created by: Brodie
  1. Do you like story lines?
  2. Do you like violence
  3. What do you think of darkwater?
  4. What's your favourite colour.
  5. Which letter do you like best.
  6. Pick a mythical creature
  7. When I say crazy what do you think?
  8. What food do you usually eat. ( be honest )
  9. If you had a superpower what would it be?
  10. What other movie do you watch most?
  11. Dr Black or Dr Light

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