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    "Must be something about me"
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    "I just wanna go back to sleep"
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    "Even if i did make a new one, i wouldnt be able to keep that promise. Im just too spiteful for that"
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    "Im gonna be that one lonely old guy yelling threats and swears, occasionally waving my shotgun at kids who come too close to my lawn"
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    "Jesus f---ing christ im just gonna be pissed today huh Cause NOTHING WILL f---ING WORK"
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    "Gotta love waking up and not even being able to piss, thanks whoevers been in the bathroom for a literal hour"
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    "I miss her so much"
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    "So tired, I just wanna be next to her. Maybe if I got to hold her more I wouldn't be so depressed, but I've got to wait for that and I don't..."
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    "Well that hasnt gone away but its bound to"
  • I'm leaving.
    "Even though we dont talk im gonna miss you, dont forget to take care of yourself"
  • "Of course all the good pics are gone when hes president. There used to be a lot of crazy s--- involving rich white dudes in power"
  • "Thats up to you Purplleeee"
  • "Can u put a deformed heart on a picture of biden and putin kissing"
  • "All im gonna say is someone could easily make this a bad thing, so protect your connections"
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    "Lol gotta stop talking about a lot of stuff im here tho to fit accordance with the mods"

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