Which creepypasta is stalking you?

Have you ever heard, seen, or felt things that didnt feel right, but knew you were being watched? Was it unnatural? Now you can know. Im just gonna say, if you said yes, then, ITS A CREEPYPASTA!

Wanna find out? For YOU i spent 2 weeks researching on my dsi. For YOU i made this quiz. The questions that dont relate to the quiz mean nothing. ;-)

Created by: ello
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you hear voices at night when yur in bed
  2. you find a knife in the toilet, what do ya do
  3. Is your phone, video games, lights, ect. irregularly having glitches, bugs, ect.
  4. do you see not normal black branches tapping yur window
  5. hi
  6. do you see arrows flying?
  7. do you see dress shoes in the shadows
  8. what result do you want
  9. will you rate/comment
  10. what do you think of this quiz
  11. what do you think of this quiz

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