Can you beat me up in a fight? ( boys only

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Many people say they know how to fight just to be cool. Those fakers. I am strong, tall, and tough. I know MMA and wrestling. Do you think you can beat me up? Come to take this quiz and figure it out!!!

Do you want to know if you can beat me up? If you do, you should take this quiz. However, if you do not like the results, please do not be mad. It is just an online quiz.

Created by: I am the best
  1. How old are you?
  2. How tall are you
  3. How much do you weight?
  4. Any kind of training?
  5. Do you fight dirty?
  6. What is your body type?
  7. Are you strong for your age?
  8. How long does it take you to run 1 mile?
  9. Can you dodge a ball thrown at you? What is the chance?
  10. How many fights have you been in?
  11. How many fight did you won
  12. What happen if someone punches you hard in the face?
  13. Are you tough?
  14. What is your fighting style?
  15. If you someone hit you for no reason, what will you do?
  16. How long can you fight?
  17. How much do you want to beat the crap out of me?
  18. I am 13, 5 feet 6, weight 160 pounds, know MMA wrestling, and karate. I don't really react to pain. Do you think you can beat me in a fight?
  19. How hard do you punch?
  20. Do you know any fighting strategy?
  21. How much can you lift at one time?

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Quiz topic: Can I beat me up in a fight? ( boys only