Can You Beat Me In A Fight?

This is a quiz to see if you can beat me. Please don’t be mad if the result doesn’t satisfy you. This quiz is just a random quiz i made to see who can beat me and can’t beat me and just for fun.

If you can i will be scared of you and respect you also please be honest and don't give fake answers to just get a good result. I am not demanding it just politely requesting it.

Created by: M.K.

  1. How strong are you
  2. How old are you
  3. Haw tall are you
  4. How flexible are you
  5. Whats your gender
  6. Do you fight dirty
  7. How many fights have you been in
  8. How many did you win
  9. How do you fight
  10. This is just a quiz for fun, so if you don’t like your results please don’t be mad.

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Quiz topic: Can I Beat Me In A Fight?