Can you beat me up?

Come fight me right now buster! You cannot beat me I said you can't beat me! Kfkfkfkfk igj ugh me so good I need to go pee pee bill Clinton Bravia and

Oh wow thanks for taking the test I rellyaa need to go piss have a good day I hate you if you a hot girl I want sleep wit you let me know I really good

Created by: Wokker

  1. How hard do you hit
  2. Do you think fast when fightin
  3. How strong are you
  4. Are you tough
  5. Play any sports?
  6. Have you ever made someone cry from pain?
  7. If you a girl have you beat up a pretty tough boy?
  8. What are you?
  9. What's your fighting stradegy
  10. Out of these, which is closest height?
  11. Are you real good at wrestling
  12. You suck.

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Quiz topic: Can I beat me up?