Could you beat me in a fight?

There are many people in this world who know how to fight, me included. The question now is, "who is the best?" I think I'm pretty good and that on average most people in the world could not beat me, although some could.

Could you be one of those few? take this quiz to find out! (PS I usually don't write things this lame, but I had to fill this description with something!)

Created by: EliGirl
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  1. Knowledge: Do you have any martial arts training?
  2. Ethics: Are you opposed to unfair tactics such as biting, scratching and/or blows between the legs?
  3. Strength: Are you strong (for your age)?
  4. Speed: How long does it take you to run 100 meters?
  5. Reflexes: Someone throws a ball at you, hard. What are the chances you'll dodge it in time?
  6. Experience: How many fights have you been in?
  7. Height: Are you tall for your age?
  8. Body type: What is your body type?
  9. Pain resistance: Someone punches you hard in the gut. You:
  10. Attitude: Someone comes up to you and hits you for no reason. You:
  11. Endurance: How long can you keep fighting?
  12. Determination: How much do you want to beat me into a pulp?
  13. Confidence: I am 15, 5'8, weigh 110 pounds, am weirdly, freakishly strong for my age, have a black belt in taekwondo, can run 100 meters in under 10 seconds, can dodge anything, don't react to pain and am RUTHLESS. Do you think you could beat me?

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