do you have what it takes to fight

There are alot of people who think they know how to fight but they really dont they try to act all tough but they aint they are just bluffing they will get theyre butts wooped wow are they dumm

Do you think you can win in a fight if you do then take this quiz and find out for real you never know maybe you are or you aint a fighting person this quiz will so help you it is average

Created by: big girl
  1. Do you think watching fights is fun
  2. Do you think being in fights is alot of fun
  3. Do you think people get seriosly hurt in a fight
  4. Do you think slaping around boyfriends and girlfriends is ok if you need to keep them in line
  5. Do people sometimes deserve to be hit
  6. Do you think its ok to tell your friend to fight if they have been dissed
  7. Do you think its alright to chicken out of a fight even if you think you would win
  8. Do you think if you need to protect yourself you need to carry a gun
  9. D you think parents who fight only affect themselves
  10. Do you think people who know how to fight need respect
  11. Do you think fighting solves a problem
  12. Do you think fighting is cool

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Quiz topic: Do I have what it takes to fight