Hope For Kaylah! (Sonic Tails Lf)

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Kaylah We Love You! I Know You’re Not Feeling Well, And Are Very Stressed. But You Will Get Through It! We All Believe In You! You Are Awesome, And Gave Me Inspiration To Stay On GTQ!

You Don’t Need To Level Me Up On This Quiz! This Is A Support For Kaylah! We Just Hope You Get Better Kaylah! And I Hope You Still Will Be The Funny Girl I Know!

Created by: Horror Lives 2 of Hope For Kaylah! (Sonic Tails Lf)
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  1. Kaylah, I Know There Is A Yandere Who Is Wanting You.
  2. And I Know You Are Not Feeling Well.
  3. And You Might Leave GTQ.
  4. But We Will Be There For You!
  5. And Not Just Online, In Your Heart!
  6. Everything Is Going To Be Ok Kaylah, I Can Tell!
  7. Im Sure You Will Get Through It!
  8. And Yes School Is Very Stressful I Know. Even I Get Bored With It Sometimes, But It Can Also Be Fun At Some Points.
  9. Anyways, Spam We Love You Kaylah In The Chat!
  10. BOI!

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