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Me/K: Hey, everyone, I may end up staying on GTQ cause I would miss you guys if I left, XD. Also, things are gonna get better, at least I'm hoping, ty for the support!

Me/K: I hope everyone is staying safe and enjoys this quiz! Also, thanks Cal for helping me make this (And we were also just playing around, XD) Hope everyone has a good day, BOI!!!

Created by: Sonic Tails Lf

  1. Me/K: Hello, kids, we're back with another episode of Kaylah The Kaylah! *Smiles like Gumball in the Quiz Pic*
  2. Me/K: We finna be like Senku from Dr. Stone, it's an anime, go watch it, now, let's begin! And we have Tails here! Tails: Hello!
  3. Me/K: First one, cookies. Cookies taste like Cooks, there made out of cooks, yeh, just blown your mind. Tails: That's not really-
  4. Me/K: But if you want, you can have Macarons instead from France, hopefully they don't have French cooks. Tails: Um, that's-
  5. Me/K: And the next thing is taking things out the oven, we had some cookies baking for an example. Now, Brian will show you the way NOT to grab your cookies so he'll do it without mittens. Tails: Is that even safe? Me/K: Ofc not, I said I would pay him extra if he did it.
  6. Brian: *Opens the Oven and grabs the cookies* OH! *Drops them* THEIR SO HOT, OMG, YOU LITT- Me/K: Hey, this is a kid show, we learn to disearn (Whatever the heck that is) NOW SMILE! NOW! I'LL PAY YOU EXTRA! Brian: *Does weird smile all up in the camera* Cameraman: Whoa dude, back up, 6 feet away from the camera!
  7. Me/K: Now, we're going to learn about how to make Rock music. Tails: Oh, ok, I can grab some instruments. Me/K: PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFTA! Tails:...What was that for? Me/K: Idk myself but we don't need instruments, we NEED a rock and a song! I picked Let It Go cause it's cringy and-and sometimes we just need to cringe together as family-Ok, ya know what, I'll shut up, let's just cringe-I MEAN-make music.
  8. Me/K: Now, to make rock music, we must- Dora: SOY DORA!
  9. Tails: Who's that? WAIT-is that Dora?! Me/K: WHAT THE?! I thought she was gone! Tails: We think a lot of things with these quizzes... Dora: SOY- Me/K: WE GET IT! WHAT YOU WANT?! Dora: I wanted to sing my song for the rock music. Me/K: Uh-okie. Now, for the music *Gives Tails and you a rock and bang it on the table* Dora: Dora! DORA THE EXPLORER *Sings theme song* Me/K: This is torture
  10. Me/K: Ok, here is our next teaching, sneaking away IN STYLE! Like this *Rolls on floor* Tails: Um...ok *Rolling on floor*
  11. Me/K: Ok, now, I will teach you how to be a hero. Someone slaps you and you do the MANLY thing. *Turns on music and starts dancing* Tails:....How does this stop the the person? Me/K: Cause, NO ONE will slap someone with dancing skills! Like Napoleon said for all you guys out there. Napoleon: Girls only like guys with special skills! Me/K: I never heard that and I'm a girl but whatever. Tails: Where did he even come from? Napoleon: I went out for a walk, GOSH!
  12. Me/K: Now, we will learn how to edit with my friend, Accalia the Princess. Cal: Uh...okie, sure. Anyway, first thing to do is obviously record then you- Me/K: Hold up a second, Cal, back up, back up.
  13. Accalia: To-to what? All I said was record and- Me/K: STOP RIGHT THERE! We need to record something. Accalia: Well, yeah, that's the first step. Me/K: Ok, so, it's like that time we danced at the mall, right. Accalia: *Shakes Head* Omg, don't bring that up, XD! It was your fault for that but anyway, yeah, so what you gonna record. Me/K: I have the PERFECT thing!
  14. Me/K: *Records Napoleon dancing* Accalia:...This is what you wanted to record? Me/K: PFFFFFFFTA! Yeah! Tails: Why you keep doing that? Me/K: PFFFFFFTA! Idk! Accalia: Are you really recording this? Me/K: YEAH! His dancing got Pedro to become President! Anyway, what's the next step. Accalia: You look at the recording and you may want to break- Me/K: *Breaks the Camera* DONE! Accalia:...break up the parts of the video and may cut some out... Me/K: Oh...*Grabs the broken pieces of the camera and gives it to Cal* Accalia:...Thank you? Me/K: Your welcome! Now, let's go to the next thing!
  15. Me/K: Now, next thing first. Accalia: That's not how you say- Me/K: Cal, teach us about plant. Accalia: What about Tails? He's the smartest here. Me/K: Yeah, but Tails works too hard so he needs a break! Tails: Well, thank you for the break I guess. Me/K: Cal, if you want a break, Napoleon will teach us. Accalia: Ya know what, I can do it- Me/K: No, you get a break, Napoleon can do it!
  16. Napoleon: Plants are plants...they grow. *Silence* Me/K:..Anything else? Napoleon: What?! You want a whole paragraph?! GOSH! Me/K: No, I don't, I just- Girl in the Background: LOLZIES! Everyone: *Stares at her* Girl: Oh-my bad....
  17. Me/K: Well, um. I guess that's the end of the episode of *Looks at sky and whispers* Kaylah the Kaylah. Everyone: *Looks up* Accalia: What are we looking at? Me/K: Cal, really? I was just-I was just trying to seem cool. Ya know how in those movies, the characters look up at nothing and it's awesome? Accalia: No, how is that awesome? Me/K: Napoleon's dancing for Pedro was awesome to make him president so ask why that was cool. Accalia: Yeah but- Me/K: Call, please, just give me this moment to look cool. Accalia: Fine, fine. Me/K: *Looks Up*...Nah, moments over.
  18. Me/K: Also, shout out to Accalia helping me out with this quiz. Here is how we made it, 1st, we made a Zoom, 2nd, we made the quiz with our ideas, 3rd, we did Karaoke and were having a Taco party!
  19. Me/K: Also, good news, I may end up staying cause I'm going to miss you guys XD, I'm dealing with things, and hopefully, it gets better, but thank you everyone for your support, BOI!!!
  20. Me/K: I legit just wanted to get to question 20, XD, omg, I'm so stupid, anyway, BOI, I'm probably just gonna do Karaoke and be bored cause those are my hobbies so TACOS!!!

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