Hannahs Gone Crazy! (Ft. Friends)

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Um, This Is A Weird Quiz So Idk What To Type, All Ima Say Is I Have Gone Crazy! Um, Hehe I Am So Weird! Just Send Me Some Help! I Need Milk! HELP ME!!

Please Make Sure To Rate, Share, And Comment! It Would Help Out A Lot I Want To Get To Experienced Or At Least Senior And It Would Help Out A Lot! You Guys Are Awesome And Don't Forget It! Enjoy The Silly Story!

Created by: Horror Lives 2 of Hannahs Gone Crazy! (Ft. Friends)
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  1. Me: Ok, Just To Clarify, Hannah Is My Online Cover Up Name, So Any Time You See Hannah, You Know Its My Online Cover Up Name. Anyways, Enjoy This Weird Story!
  2. Kaylah: Happy Birthday Hannah! Me: NO! *throws cake to the ground*
  3. Me: I Want A Smoothie! Accalia: No Hannah. Me: *pulls cal’s hair hard* Accalia: OW!
  4. Me: *gargles*
  5. Me: Look At My Magic Trick! *throws up while getting sukced into the ceiling* Derecho: HANNAH OH MY GOD!
  6. Me: *dancing* I’m A Stinky Girl! Elly: Yea, That’s Why Were Putting You In The Washer.
  7. Me: *inside the washer* Clean For Ya!
  8. Cinna: Guys Hannah’s Gone Crazy! Me: *making weird faces* Tremendus: WELL SEND HER TO THE DOCTOR!
  9. Me: Um, I Hope You Enjoyed That Mess.
  10. Me: Have A Nice Day And BOI!

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