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There are many nice people, but few truly awesomely nice people. Awesome people are, after all, quite exceptional. If you are totally awesome, would you buy your mother dinner and bring your little sister to a puppet show? How truly awesome are you?

Are you awesome, I mean, are you truly an awesome person on the inside? I wanted to know this as well but could not find true quizzes that actually resembled real life, having the same problem? WELL TAKE THIS QUIZ

Created by: Melina
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  1. You are out with your mother. It's her birthday. The bill is very high. You decide to...
  2. Your friend's second cousin just died last night. She calls you upset and asks if she can come over. You tell her...
  3. There are some new movies out, you decide to bring along...
  4. There is a new girl in the middle of the semester. She is super ugly is smells like rotting manure. She sits alone in class and at lunch. What do you do?
  5. A little kid has fallen down at the park that you've shown up at with your friends after a long movie and some take out food from â„¢ Mandarin. He's crying and his knee is bleeding, his mother isn't around, but his friends are, they don't seem very interested with him and are doing wheelies in the basket ball court. What do you do?
  6. You are walking down the hall when a another class mate of yours falls down and books fly everywhere. People start teasing. You quickly decide to....
  7. A really ugly nerdy boy asks you if you wanted to go to the movies with him as his friend. You tell him..
  8. Your younger sister has a play that she was dying to see. It's sort of babyish and you'd rather stay at home and watch a movie in your pjs with a bottle of coke and a package of chips. You...
  9. You were invited to the mall with your friends. All of you walk into a clothing store and find a really cool bracelet, but it's $20. They nudge you, point to the bracelet, and then point to your bag. "Just take it" one whispers. They all silently chant, do it, do it, do it. Your crush is there who instantly says " What are you chicken?" You..
  10. It's your mothers birthday. You need a present for her, but you have no money. As you're walking, you find a 10 dollar bill. You decide to....

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Quiz topic: How awesome am I?