The Hanging Tree

Before, people would be hung on the gallows if comitted a crime. Your parents decide you need money. Rob a store, get caught and... Find out the rest with this sad story.

Try to live in this world were you are blamed for you fathers death, hated by your mother, only loved by your brother and best friend. It's hard sometimes.

Created by: Avery8941 of Coven wars
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  1. "Get ready." your mom said in a whisper towards your dad. You were in the car outside of the building. You were 4 years old when it happened. Your dad nodded and opened the car door, getting out, and opening the door for your mom. You got out and went to your parents. It was dark and late at night so you and your parents were dressed in black. You stood behind them, as your dad broke the lock to the door of the building. He walked in and your mom and you followed him to the money safe.
  2. "Wait for me on the roof." Your dad ordered you guys while picking a lock. "Why? The door is already open anyways." Your mom said. Your dad looked up at her. "The owner can get here anytime, Marry." He replied and turned his attention back to the lock. "Besides, we need a look out." Your dad added. "Fine." Your mom took you by the hand and lead you to the roof. You both ducked down and peaked your head over the small wall of bricks. "I'm done!" Your dad exlcimed in a quiet hushed voice. "Lets go!" Your mom yelled. The door creaked open and you could hear foot steps. "Run!!" Your dad yelled.
  3. your mom quickly pulled the rope out of her bag, tied an end to a metal bar and threw the loose part down. "Climb down, hurry!" Your mom ordered. 'Don't have to tell me twice!!' You think. You grabed hold of the rope and climbed down the wall. You tugged the rope twice to let your mom know you were down. She did the same as you, but cut the rope halfway down and jumped down, landing on her legs and hands. You could hear police sirens, so your mom nearly threw you in the car and raced out of the scene. You pulled up to your house. "Go lay down. I'll be right in, I just need to hide the car somewhere." Your mom said. "Okay." You say and walk inside. You here a car zooming down the road. You went to your room and peaked out the window. Your mom drove to the end of the street, open the door and drove into the water. You quickly saw a head peak out of the water. You knew it was your mother, her brown, beautiful, long hair in her face as she gasped for air. She came home, soaked. The next day, your dad still was'nt home.
  4. "Mom?" You asked, walking into her room. She was dressed neatly. "Where's dad?" You asked stepping a little closer to her. You then noticed, she was crying. She smiled when she looked at you, and gave you a hug. The smile was fake, but the hug was definitely real. "We're going to go see him. You better get dressed, _____." She gently gave you a shove out of her room. You changed into a gray dress and met your mom in the living room.
  5. CLIFF HANGER!!!!!! Sorry, it's realy late and i'm really tired!!! I'll make a part 2 tomarrow... Maybe, idk, sometime this week :P The rest dont count.
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  7. I hope to make more of the series, if not... Just random quizes :)
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