Friends :D shoutouts

This is a shout-out quiz so if you want to know who my friends are (or if you think you ARE one of my friends) then please take this quiz. :D Sorry if I didn’t include you & I talk to you a lot.

Let’s get started, I hope you have fun taking this quiz! Anyway, start reading the questions (shoutouts really) and I hope from this you can get a good idea of who my friends are! Try and see if you can guess who I am (put your guess in the comments). My true username starts with a V.

Created by: AnonymousTAPP
  1. violagal12For helping me along when I was new to the forums
  2. dragonsfire: Is a friend I made in the forums
  3. Cats17 or Atticus: uhhhhhh idk how to introduce this person
  4. TheAlien : Was one of the first people who took a quiz that I am very proud of, don’t know this person well but I figured I’d include them
  5. I don’t have a lot more friends since I’m relatively new to GTQ!
  6. Weird Questions Start: Are you a boy or girl?
  7. What’s your favorite color?
  8. Is this quiz cool? (Doesn’t affect your result; everyone gets 100%)
  9. Do you have Twitch?
  10. do you like this quiz. (Again, because I need more questions)

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