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  • Your Result: My brother 84%

    You are most similar to my brother, which is a little surprising since he is definetly one of a kind. My brother is very different. He's always trying to figure out how things work and then he will be fascinated with the oddest things. He likes gears and inventing and creating. He's also very athletic, and, in his words, a ninja. (He might as well be.) He has his rare moments of being sweet, but most of the time he has this dry humor. And he's annoying of course. Sometimes he gets angry easily, but he always gets over it.

    84% You're me
    67% My dad
    19% My mom

  • Me and my brother have a lot of similarities

  • Aww thanks

  • Hi! I'm both you and your brother. Both 84%. Good quiz! I rated it 10 stars.


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