How annoying are you?

Annoying is a pretty common word. One we use when we feel irritated or frustrated. But when we think of annoyed, we think of ourselves. So how annoying are we to others?

Being annoying isn't necessarily a bad thing, if we're just teasing our friends. But sometimes it can be tiresome to others. Keep in my this only a quiz meant for fun, and you're still amazing no matter what you get!

Created by: Stardust1
  1. Let's be honest here, guys. If someone is talking, how often do you interrupt?
  2. Are you able to sit still and NOT fidget?
  3. Are you a loud person?
  4. You try to ask your friend if they want to hang out with you over the weekend. They reply that they already made plans to go to the mall (or wherever) with some other friends. What do you say to that?
  5. Do you complain a lot?
  6. How often do you admit to being wrong about something?
  7. Do you purposely try to be annoying?
  8. Do you feel like you're always in other people's way? (And be honest, don't self-doubt yourself if you're not.)
  9. Do you judge others on your first impression of them?
  10. Well thanks for taking the quiz! That's it, goodbye.

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Quiz topic: How annoying am I?