The unmentionable!

This is a quiz about - you guessed it: The Unmentionable! If you don't know what that is, I can't tell you here, because I can't mention it in the first paragraph.

Or the second either. You see, this system treats The Unmentionable like a swear-word, which is why it's unmentionable, you just have to put "150 c*********", or it won't let you put it in. I'm making this quiz because I have made so many quizzes before and found this rule REALLY annoying, and I want to see how many people agree with me. (By the way, if you can't find any of my other quizzes, that's cos I'm making this one under a different name... just in case it was a breach of terms and conditions to complain about the rules.) And how many people think I'm making a fuss about nothing. You've probably guessed what I'm talking about, but if not read on to find out The Unmentionable. And if you have figured out what I'm on about, still read on...

Created by: i forget
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  1. Well hello what are you doing right now?
  2. I'm just not going to ask this question, cos you know what it's going to be. But anyway - do you find the unmentionable 150 character rule annoying?
  3. Do you know, quiz-taker, I really wanted to write this quiz...
  4. ...and this quiz was going to be like a story in which there were a lot of characters (you know, characters as in people, like guys and girls that the story is about)...
  5. ...and in this story I was going to introduce characters one by one, one in each installment, so one in part 1, then 2 in part 2, 3 in part 3, 4 in part 4, 5 in part 5...
  6. ...and to cut a long story short, in part 150, there would be 150 characters!
  7. ...but alas (are you paying attention closely?) when I got to creating my quiz, and had written reams of questions, and torn my life to pieces thinking of a really thrilling story, and all i had to do was write the introductory paragraphs - then, i say, then -
  8. - THEN, this annoying little message popped up saying "Please do not mention the 150 character requirement in the parting words! You can think of something to say. =)" And, somehow, that little smiley face is really infuriating!
  9. For any of you who picked the last answer to question 10, no I couldn't, because actually my quiz was called '150 characters', and it would have made it COMPLETELY different to even change the name minutely. Anyway, they shouldn't want to make me change the name. *pouts*
  10. Yay, this is the last compulsory question! (By the way, for anyone who's like really, REALLY bored out there, you can just copy this quiz, and change every reference to '150 characters' to '12 questions' and make a sequel called 'The unmentionable part 2'.)
  11. So this really is the end! Remember to comment and rate to tell me how much you agree with me, to cheer me up and stop me falling into severe depression. Bye!!!
  12. PS It wasn't actually true that I tried making a quiz called '150 characters', I only thought about it and dismissed it for that reason. Also that I'd have got bored. And yes, I don't know 150 names. OK this really is goodbye!!!!

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