OK, have you ever wonde- No, I don't think you would have. Well, you can still take this quiz to decide on which of us you are most alike.. The outcomes being either red (Redams), jep (Jepadao), or pik (Pikalo).

So if you're really bored, have nothing to do, are curious, or are being forced to take this quiz, then have fun! And this stupid creation is making me have at least (unmentionable phrase) so I am typing this just to take up more room. Yay!

Created by: Testwoo
  1. Do you have a long tongue?
  2. Do you make valentines cards to give to strangers?
  3. Are you tall or short?
  4. What animal do you or others perceive yourself as?
  5. What kitchen tool do you look like?
  6. What face symbol on the computer represents you?
  7. What is your main hobby?
  8. Lastly; do you have a disorder?
  9. Damn, this quiz is making me do two more questions. OK, well... If someone was being dared to do something ridiculous, what position would you be?
  10. What do you plan to do in the future?

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