Can you guess what I'm talking about?

I see no point in writing it, but I must (and I hate it). Well, I'm bored. I mean, really bored. So, finally, I thought "hey, why not make some stupid quizzes?", and I ended making this one. Yay for me and my stupid ideas.

The point is, no one really understands me. I mean literatelly, no one really knows about what I'm REALLY talking to them. Propably it's like this because using metaphores comes to me naturally, not only when I write something... So I'll just shut up and let you take my stupid quiz.

Created by: Nikt
  1. Hi, I'm Nikt. I'm going to say some 'random' sentences dragged out of my dictionary. You'll try to understand what I'm REALLY talking about, ok? (PS first 3 questions doesn't count. And sorry for mistakes, I'm not so good at english...)
  2. Let's start. Here's first one: My sister: I like more 'the old you' than that 'new you' (about me after I changed 'a little') Me: *looks at the wall, sad voice* sorry, it's gone *gets out of the room ignoring my sister*
  3. Me: *doing something* Somebody: can you stop? me: Something wrong? Then just get out
  4. Somebody: *being WAY too annoying* me: *'a little' annoyed* can't you leve me alone? somebody: do you have any problem? me: *ironic but sad * more than you think
  5. These are not really sentences, but I use these metaphors pretty often. What means 'feather' to me?
  6. Another one: 'angel'
  7. And one more: who is Icarus for me? (if you, my Einstein, don't know who it is, go read some greek myths -_- )
  8. I love drawing, and my drawings usually have a hidden meaning (if it's not just doodling or practicing). What could mean a really big, beautyful peacock-dragon-like bird sitting on the top of a palm tree on a desert island in the middle of an ocean, ocean is that pretty 'perfect blue ocean shade of blue', sand beach-ish colour, but more yellow-ish, brid is green-ish blue, scales on long neck, small head, and blue, long and big, uhm, that peacock-y/tail-y thing, whathever it is called. Oh, and sky is perfect blue, with one or two (depending WICH drawing of this bird on island we're talking about) small white clouds, a pretty ones.
  9. Next drawing: a black feather that is put/ take by some kind of bird, we see only it's beak, everything's black and white (and grey)
  10. I'm drawing a comics about a girl who have ability to see truth throught lies in her dreams, these dreams soon start to make her travel to the world of fairytales, she discovers that our world is ruled by demons, she meets a boy who loves her and really is one of those demons, and there'll be a war between those demons. I just started drowing it something like 3rd or 4th time because I hated these ealier versions, it seems to be ok now. Is any part of it real?
  11. One more thing. I write poems. How you understand "My emotions gone Let's laugh! Dance with tears my way trough night"?
  12. Ok, that's all. Sorry for destroying your day because of my sad tgoughts. Bye. (PS this question doesn't count)

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Quiz topic: Can I guess what I'm talking about?