Can you put up with my stupidity ( pretty stupid jsyk)

Hey guys! So, I really have no idea why I made this, I was bored so... Yeah. I'm guessing, if you're taking this, you're bored too, so bless your poor soul.

Now, just a small warning. ⚠ WARNING ⚠ If you cannot put up with VERY high levels of stupidity/annoying behavior, please just.... Get a friggin spine. Nah I'm kiddin lol

Created by: ghettobabe4ever

  1. So, this is how this works. Basically, I'm going to create a situation, and you just see if you can put up with my...*ahem* stupidity. XD
  2. OK. So, let's say I see you in a store ( any store you want, besides freakin Goodwill, I'm banned lol) and you accidentally stare in my direction. I decide to skip over, humming ' baby shark'. What do you do?
  3. Mkay, let's say you saw me the next day at school ( or work, if you work. I don't, I'm broken xD... OK, enough stupid jokes) and I follow you around for the whole day, serenading you with Ed Sheeran songs. When you go home, you find me in your kitchen, making a pb&j sandwich in a pair of bunny pajamas. What do you do?
  4. Okie, so. Let's say I decide to cut off half of my hair, and I want to donate it to sphinx cats ( bless their poor bubblegum souls) but instead, sell it all to a stalker who just so happens to live beside you. What do you do?
  5. Mkay, mkay. So, now. This part is gonna be a little different than that part. I'm just gonna tell you a few useless facts about myself and you can see what we do from there.
  6. Ok, so. Useless fact number one. When I was fifteen I got banned from the Goodwill, because my friend dared me to go up to a random employee and ask them if they knew da wae. That backfired, and I accidentally tripped over my own foot and made the employee break a vase. Then I cussed them out, hence my banning xD
  7. Useless fact number two. When I was three, my cousin, JJ, who was two, was annoying the crap outta me, by following me around like a lost puppy, so I tried to give him a headlock. My grandma actually laughed aloud until his face turned blue.
  8. Useless fact number three. Last week, instead of being a normal person and washing the dishes, I had my cat lick them all. Then, I handed a cat-washed plate to my little cousin ( who I despise) and put a piece of chicken on it. They licked the plate clean.
  9. Useless fact number four. Once, in the fourth grade, my teacher asked me to repeat what I'd heard him say to the class, so I said ' Those friggin idiots think they're sooo smart. Jokes on them' . Turns out that wasn't what I was supposed to repeat. I ended up having to go to detention for a month.
  10. Last useless fact. One time, there was this kid I used to like, and he, for some reason, thought I was a fallen angel, so for an entire year, just so I could hang out with him, I pretended I could communicate with the dead. Turns out he wasn't as cool as I thought, and he believed that we were meant to be, so I ended up transferring schools.
  11. Mkay, now that that's done..... Tell me. Did you enjoy having me waste your time? Lolol
  12. No, I'm just kidding lol. I'm such a butt sometimes, just ignore me.
  13. Byeeeeeee
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Quiz topic: Can I put up with my stupidity ( pretty stupid jsyk)