The Ming Yue Clan, Part 1

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This is just a stupid thing I made out of boredom. Yay for stupidity. :D

And yeah, I'll make a part 2, if anybody cares enough. You won't understand the results until I make part 2, so sorry about that. xD

Created by: Nakita

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  1. You wake up in the middle of the night, because of the sound of the doorbell. You yawn and look at your clock, to see it's 2:37 AM. At first you asume your parents will get the door, but you don't hear them walking to the door. So you get up and decide to answer it yourself. It's probably just the UPS guy, anyway.
  2. You open the door, but it's not the UPS guy. "Er...hi." you mumble. The guy on the porch nods. "can you come out here for a moment, Miss ___?" You shrug and go outside.
  3. As soon as you're outside, you see something out of the corner of your eye. You turn to look at it, but suddenly the guy hits you on the back of the head with something, and everything goes black.
  4. Eventually you regain conciousness, and look around you. You're in the back of a van, with your arms ductaped together, and the same with your legs. You see three other girls around you. You figure the girl next to you is an albino, as her hair is snowy white and shoulder-length, although her eyes are an amber color. The girl across from you has raven black hair that goes almost past her waist, and blue eyes. There's a girl next the the black-haired girl, who has long blonde ponytails, and green eyes (the one in the quiz picture).
  5. The blonde girl looks at you, and you hear a voice in your head. "Do you know where they're taking us?" it asked. You realize it's the blonde girl's voice, and shake your head, thinking "No, and I don't know why, my parents aren't rich or anything." "Same here." the girl thinks back. "And what's your name, anyway?" the girl thinks back to you. "I'm _____. Who are you?" you think. The girl nods. "I'm Natsuki." she thinks.
  6. "You can call me Nat for short. I know the girl next to me is named Mita, I don't know what the albino's name is." Natsuki thinks. You nod. "Should I wake her up?" you think to both Mita and Natsuki. They shrug. "I don't care." Mita thinks. You shake the albino girl to wake her up.
  7. The albino's eyes open, and she looks around. "Hi, I'm ___." you tell her. The albino tries to smile, although it's kinda hard to smile when you're being kidnapped. "I'm Kiffany." she thinks to all three of you. Suddenly something smashes into the van's windsheild, and the van swerves to the right, driving off the bridge you were going over and into the river.
  8. All of you scream so loud it hurts your ears. You brace yourself, and then the van windows break as you hit the river, and then fill up with water. Suddenly, something tears the roof open, aand pulls you out.
  9. You hear more tearing sounds, and then black out again.
  10. You open your eyes, to see somebody standing over you. Immediately, you punch them in the face, then realize that the ductape tying you up is gone. "What going on?" you scream, sitting up in bed and looking around you. Mita, Natsuki, and Kiffany are also in beds, and your screaming wakes them up. Mita immediately grabs the person closest to her, and screams "Where are we!?" at him.
  11. The door at one side of the room slams open. A woman with shoulder-length, cyan hair who looks to be in her late 20's walks in.
  12. Haha, you won't understand the results until I make the next part, but whatever. xD

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