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Feng Shui can bring fabulous changes to your life. Feng Shui doesn't place restrictions on the way you live, it simply asks you to make changes in your surroundings so you can lead a more harmonious life.

Maybe you think you know a lot about Feng Shui already..... why don't you put your knowledge to the test? This quiz will help you find out how much you know, and how much you still need to work on.

Created by: Rebeca Rambal of lifewithfengshui.com
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  1. What is the first step you take to Feng Shui a room?
  2. What is the meaning of the words "Feng Shui"?
  3. Do you keep plants around your home?
  4. What is the position of your bed in your bedroom?
  5. Can you see the bedroom door when you lie in your bed?
  6. Do you have mirrors in your bedroom?
  7. Do you keep old mementos and things, even if you don't like them?
  8. Describe the entryway to your home.
  9. What's the light in your home like?
  10. Do you keep your car washed and clean inside?
  11. Is it good Feng Shui to have a fish tank?

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