How Goshen, Indiana Are You?

It seems everywhere I go, I run into people who; have lived in Goshen, went to school in Goshen, or just know people from Goshen. This led me to wonder just how pervasive our 'little town' is. This quiz is designed help to see how widespread the quirky knowledge of it may be...

Have you ever heard of Goshen, Indiana? How familiar with it are you? Test your knowledge and see how you rate with a 'local'. If you dare, let's see just how 'Goshen' you are...

Created by: David
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  1. Can you say with some relative certainty what year cruising stopped in Goshen?
  2. Which of the following names do you NOT recognize as having been mayor?
  3. Which location did Wal-mart first build in Goshen, North or South?
  4. Goshen College's mascot is what?
  5. The Chief is MAINLY known for what?
  6. What landmark was built over the "old town dump"?
  7. During the days of cruising, which of these were you most likely to see?
  8. Which of these stores never existed in downtown Goshen?
  9. The 'O' sound in 'Goshen' and 'donuts' are pronounced the same.
  10. The Midway Drive-In was razed to build what Goshen Landmark?
  11. During the rise of Political Correctness in the 1990s, the high school changed the mascot from Redskins to Red Storm
  12. The Ford Pinto crash which received national attention for years, resulted in what Goshen phenomenon?
  13. Which of these has NEVER been the name of a school building in Goshen?
  14. In 1981, the Goshen celebrated what anniversary of its existence?

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Quiz topic: How Goshen, Indiana am I?