Can you take Indiana weather?

Are you considering moving to Indiana? Are you from the mid-west already? Do you think you know what being cold is? Do you have the smarts to figure it out even if you don't have experience? Try this quiz out to see if you can take the (lack of) heat!

Thinking about moving to Indiana for school? Don't know about living with that snow crap? Think it's no biggie? See if you know what you are doing by taking this quiz!

Created by: Vanessa

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  1. What do you consider cold weather? (in deg. F)
  2. Do you own a pair of UGGs or other warm boots?
  3. What do you do when it rains?
  4. How do you do your hair in the summer?
  5. If you are living in a big house and you are watching tv will you be sitting down stairs or up stairs to save on heating costs?
  6. When is winter weather the worst?
  7. When you are defrosting your winshield normally what temp do you put it on?
  8. When it is snowing do you use windshield wipers?
  9. What is the best fiber to choose for thermals or socks?
  10. Do you have at least three other questions you think should be on here?
  11. Are you Gin & Juice?

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Quiz topic: Can I take Indiana weather?