How well do You know Indiana Jones?

There are alot of people who say they LOVE the Indiana Jones movies but they havn't seen one movie! Are you ticked off because people do this? Well this quiz can help you figure out who is real....AND WHO IS FAKE.

Are you a fan of the Indiana Jones Series? Are you a wannabe fan? Are you a fan of the movies and are ticked off at the wannabes because they say they are fans but havn't seen the movies?

Created by: Jake
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  1. How many movies are there?
  2. What's Indiana Jones real name?
  3. Has there been any video games (not including LEGO Indiana Jones) before of the movies?
  4. Has there been a television series of Indiana Jones?
  5. Who Plays Indiana Jones?
  6. What Movie has the Boulder scene in it?
  7. Who is the main enemy of the movies (Excluding Crystal Skull)
  8. What is the TV series called?
  9. What does Indiana Jones Beleive in in the movies?
  10. Are you a fan of the movies?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Indiana Jones?