How Well Do You Know Feng Shui?

This is the quiz to test what you learned from our website. It has questions about things you learn from each page. If you are unsure about a question, you should go back and check out website.

Are YOU a Feng Shui Master? Do you have what it takes to answer all of these questions correctly? Did you really pay attention as you went through our website, or were you half asleep? Find out now!

Created by: Annie
  1. What is Chi?
  2. What does Feng Shui mean in a rough chinese translation?
  3. Why do you need good Feng Shui?
  4. What does Yin and Yang mean?
  5. Do plants help in a Feng Shui room?
  6. What does a pebble do in Feng Shui?
  7. What does a Red and green dragon symbolize?
  8. What plants should you choose for your home?
  9. Where do you hang the money sword?
  10. What does Feng Shui help you with?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Feng Shui?