The Ming Yue Clan, Part 2

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Okay, this is part two of "The Ming Yue Clan". If you haven't taken part 1, do it now, or else you will have absolutely no idea what's going on. Seriously, it's just one part, you can take it.

Created by: Nakita
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  1. The girl in the quiz picture is Kiffany.
  2. "What's going on!?" you scream. "Instead of attacking us, you could at least thank us for saving you." the cyan-haired woman tells you. All four of you just blink in confusion. "Let me explain..." the woman begins.
  3. The woman begins explaining to you. "There is a planet in a galaxy far from ours, known as Ming Yue. The planet of Ming Yue was different in different places. There were five different zones. The first one, Ming Feng, was a large city, where Queen Shan Lei - queen of the whole planet - lived with her daughter, a princess whose name has been lost to us. The second one, Ming Lixue, was rainforest, and home to more species of animals than anywhere else on the planet. The third one, Ming Hua, was a desert. Unlike most earth deserts, Ming Hua had several different species of plants and animals in it. The plants were mostly Yue Desert Flowers, which feed off of sunlight, rather than water. At night, the temperatures became as cool as 70 F, which is why nearly all of the animals were nocternal. The last zone was called Ming Shui. Ming Shui was the oceans of Ming Yue, with all its plant and marine life. The fifth zone was called Ming Neva, a tundra. For centuries, the planet of Ming Yue thrived. There was a guardian for each zone." the woman paused, and smiled. "I am Yukiko, the guardian of Ming Neva. But one day, a dark force known as The Emptyness were becomign more powerful. Their mission was to drain all other planets of their power, so the planet of The Emptyness could become the most powerful. They found Ming Yue. The city of Ming Feng was destroyed first - burned down in less than two days. Only half of the citizens survived, and they evacuated to the zone of Ming Lixue. But The Emptyness had destroyed Ming Lixue as well - all the plant life had been burned, most of the animals were dead or wounded. The Emptyness destroyed the other three zones as well - Ming Neva became too warm, and all the ice melted, causing much of the life there to be drowned. The animals that had grown fur coats for cold temperatures died, as it was too warm for them. Ming Hua became always hot instead of cooling down at night, so the people and animals there were forced to stay in their homes all night, meaning that they couldn't go find food. The ones that stayed in their dens and burrows died of starvation, the ones that went out for food died of heat. The oceans of Ming Shui becamed polluted and cold, killing much of the life that was in it as well."
  4. "So what are we supposed to do? You still haven't answered our questions." Kiffany says. Yukiko holds up a hand. "I'm not finished! I am the guardian of Ming Neva, but the other four guardians of the other zones were literally thrown off the planet, because they tried to fight The Emptyness. This happened to Queen Shan Lei and her daughter as well - but the queen was killed. For years, the guardians, the princess, and the few other Ming Yue citizens were in a coma, floating through space, which caused them to lose their memories completely. Is was unlike a normal coma - this coma paused the lives of the princess and the guardians completely. They didn't age at all. The followers of The Emptyness wanted them to be lost forever, and after eleven years in the coma, the guardians and the princess landed on earth. Several followers of The Emptyness came to earth as well. The guardians and the princess didn't wake up until an hour after they'd landed on earth, and during that hour, The Emptyness followers gave them a new, false memory. The Emptyness followers also found five random married human couples, and gave them new false memories as well, making them believe that they had a daughter. So the princess and the guardians have been living a new life on earth, with human families." Yukiko looks up at you. "That is why The Emptyness came for you last night. They knew that I had arrived here, and they did not want me to tell you the truth about your origins. So they tried to kill you. Althogh I cannot remember which zones each of you belong to - as it has been eleven whole years, even I find it hard to remember - each one of you is a guardian of a Ming Yue zone. We have decided to come find you, because a small group of Ming Yue citizens and I have managed to drive The Emptyness off our planet - but the damage remains. We have to restore Ming Yue, and destroy The Emptyness permanently."
  5. Vague memories begin stirring in your head, although you can't make them make sense. " you're trying to tell us that we're not humans, we're actually aliens from another planet, we're really eleven years older than we look, a group of people are trying to kill us, our princess still thinks she's a human, and our parents aren't even our real parents!?" Mita says, shocked. Natsuki and Kiffany say nothing, but just stare in amazment. You're not sure what to do.
  6. "Um...okay, then." Natsuki mumbles. "So I guess we know what we really are now...but what the heck are we supposed to do about it!? We're not even on Ming Yue, we're on a totally different planet in a totally different galaxy!" you snap. Yukiko smiles again. "Follow me, I'm going to show you something."
  7. Yukiko walks out of the room, and the four of you follow her. You walk down a hall, take a right, walk down another hall, then walk into another room. The room you walk into is dark, except for numerous control panels and screens all over the place. Another woman who looks about Yukiko's age - a little younger, maybe - looks up from a control panel and smiles at the five of you. She has purple hair in a ponytail, and glasses. She's wearing a white coat, like everyone else in the room. In the middle of the room is what looks like a wall of white crystal. All the light reflects off of it, making it seem to glow. "What the heck is this place, a science lab!?" Kiffany exclaims.
  8. "Good morning, Yukiko. Are these the other guardians?" the purple-haired person asks. Yukiko nods. "Yes. Natsuki, Mita, ____, and Kiffany." she says "Well, nice to meet you. I'm Twila Astrea." The purple-haired woman says with a smile. You nod. "Twila, we'd like to go to Ming Yue, please." Yukiko asks. "Of course!" Twila walks over to the crystal wall, the five of you follow. "Just put both of your hands and your forehead on the crystal wall. And whatever you do, DO NOT TAKE YOUR HANDS OR HEAD OFF THE WALL. It could cause us to accidentally send you to who-knows-where in the universe." Twila instructs you. The five of you do as she says, and Twila walks back over to a control panel. Several other scientists do the same. They mess with a few things, and in a moment, you hear a humming sound.
  9. The wall flashes brightly, hurting your eyes. "Ow, do they have to blind us!?" you hear Natsuki mumble from beside you. Then, the light comes again, and suddenly seems to surround you. You can't tell if you're standing or falling, and you can't feel the wall anymore, and you scream.
  10. Cliffhanger! 8D

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