a Draco love story pt. 5

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I am so very sorry that this quiz was late!My internet has been out for a couple of days!I am really sorry!please don't yell at me in the comments for it!

soooooo...well i'm bored.I hate that we have to do this!Why can't we just do one paragraph?!And why does it have to be 150 why can't it be like 100 or something?!it's so stupid!

Created by: Draco luver

  1. Recap:Draco asked you out on a Pansy-free date!
  2. You wake up on a Saturday."Yay,i have a date with Draco tonight!"you say to yourself hopping out of bed.You walk to the closet and find an outfit your gonna wear.your gonna where...
  3. you walk out of your room into the common room."Hey,Starla!"you turn around and there is Hermoine and Gloria."Woah!why are you lookin so smashing?"Gloria asked."Because i have a date with Draco tonight.""You and that vermin are still going out?"Hermoine asked with her disgusted face."Yes and alot of people happen to think the vermin and I look cute together!"you say in your triumphant voice."Well after that incident with Pansy i thought that you two were over.""Well we aren't.We are still a great couple."
  4. "hello ladies."Harry and Ron say in unison."Hey guys."Hermoine says."What are you up to today?"Harry asks you."Oh,just going on a date later.""With who?!"Harry asked in a panic."Draco.""Oh,well have fun with him."Harry says walking away and before you could blink Ron followed him."You really got him mad."Hermoine said."Well,it's not like i meant to!"you say
  5. You felt really bad.You wanted to go talk to him since he is your friend but you felt like you should let him cool off for awhile."you know,you will have to go talk to him sooner or later."Hermoine said."i know.i know.but i'm not apologizing for going on a date with Draco!That would be ridiculous!""You know that's what he is going to be expecting to hear.""Well,he isn't going to hear it because i'm not apologizing for liking Draco!"
  6. You walk out to the lake for the date,praying that there won't be anything like what you saw last time again!You get down there and you come up behing Draco.You put your hands over his eyes"Guess who."you say."hmmmmm...is it Starla?"you took your hands off of his eyes,"Well,who else would it be?hahaha"he stood up and hugged you,"I'm so glad you could make it.""Me too.""i have a surprise for you.turn around and close your eyes."you did as you were told.you felt something going around your neck."Okay now open your eyes."again you did as you were told."Oh my God,Draco!"you looked at the diamond necklace around your neck.You hugged him."Do you like it?""No,Draco.I love it."then you kissed him.
  7. well writer's block again!My friend,I'm a ninja helped me think of this quiz.ok CodieSimpsonLuv(and all of my other fans)i'm countin on you for ideas!
  8. ok so i'm going to list some series that i like!1.Beautiful Secrets(made by Dannica)2.too young for love,Yea right(made by CodieSimpsonLuv)3.Any Hogwartz love stories(none specific)4.your ninja love story(made by I'm a ninja)!So check all of those series out!I love all of them!Especially all of the ones made by Dannica!
  9. lalalalalalalalala...I love singing don't you?!
  10. well i'm sorry if this quiz sucked!

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