Do You Hate Draco Malfoy?

This quiz is about You trying to hate Draco.Lets see if you succseed.Now i hope you dont guess.You need feel and see the one you pose.Tell your freinds about this quiz please.Check out my other quiz Do You Love Draco Malfoy.And my other one Do you know the Malfoy family?Hpe you like those.*í—* You guys are awsome.

Find out if you actully hate Draco.Find out if you are his freind.Dont leave, please.Okayyyyyy,sooooo go on and do the quiz.->- Go now.*sigh* Go do the Quiz. DO IT NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

Created by: Shiny Noel of gaggle
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  1. Its a new year at Hogwarts and you want to acheive a goal:Being Draco Malfoys arch enemy.The door opens with a bang."May i sit here?" a boy in your year asks.He had blond hair with grey steely eyes,he was pale,he was tall and skinny.Draco.You say
  2. You noticed you were not in your robes.*Great,i cant change in front of him!Im a girl!*you thought."uh...Draco i need to change into my robes",you tell him. He doesnt budge.You...
  3. He gets out, you change and let him in.You stare out the window as he reads.The trolly came and you were hungery.You both bought lots of snacks.Luna Lovegood came in a few minutes later.Blood coming out of a corner of her mouth.She sat next to you."What happened to you",you ask luna."Blaise Zabini hit me", she said tears coming from her eyes.Draco held out his arms and luna went and hugged him.You say...
  4. At the great hall,ShinyBlaze your owl,brings you a note and it says: Luna and i are cousins You look at the Slytherin table and Draco nods at you.You scribble on the back of the note and give it to ShinyBlaze.You wrote....
  5. ShinyBlaze comes back with a new smaller peice of paper. Meet me at the Astronomy tower after dinner. Draco M. After dinner you see him at the tower "Whats up with you?",he asks you. You say nothing is up and leave tired.Blaze comes with a box in a basket to your room. "Dear _______, Heres a present for you. Hope you like it. p.s.The basket is for you too. It has a charm for makeing things light. You look out the window to see Draco on a broom stick out side your window.You...
  6. At the end of the weak you see that you are on Dracos nerves.At breakfast someone yells food fight.You dicide to throw _______at Draco.
  7. At care for magical creatures,the students need to care for a Cornus Pixie.You know your goal has to be reached at the end of the month.So you...
  8. At the end of the month you see that you __________ your goal
  9. Do you like being Dracos enemy?
  10. Do you like being Dracos Freind?

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Quiz topic: Do I Hate Draco Malfoy?