does draco malfoy hate, love, or like you?

okay this is a quiz for real Draco fans so no hate if ur not. tell me what you got! [no emails]! kay guys so r u ready? well lets get started! YAY!!!!

this quiz will determine if Draco hates, loves, or likes you! and dont worry bou ur results, theyre still true but ,waht the heck, am i right? <3 redy??

Created by: Rhiona

  1. what house?
  2. if Draco showed u his dark mark what would u do?
  3. personality?
  4. pet?
  5. if u got a date with Draco would it be because
  6. what would u do if u saw Draco crying?
  7. what would u do if u found Pansy Parkinson CLEARLY annoying Draco?
  8. you see Draco bullying Hermione, what do u do?
  9. blood?
  10. end of the quiz, how did u like it?

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