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Ok so if you are bored or wahat ever, take this and it will make you laugh. if it doesnt, get checked out by a doctor, kay? beucase WE WORKED! *SNIFF* VERY HARD!

Ok so this WILL be one of the top quizzes at some point, so help us get there adn TAKE THE STUPID QUIZ! lol lv u doll face! i am way to much to handle...

Created by: kiwi and polkadot

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you like to eat squirrels?? (WE DOOOOO!!!)
  2. Can you open a can? *we cant!*
  3. *turns aournd* Dads what a-a *hits knees* OW!
  4. YOU WANNA DIEE??? Cause that can be arranged.
  5. what would u do to annoy people?
  6. Do you like to punch trash cans named carl? BECUASE I KNOW SOMEONE WHO DOES!
  7. YOU know what my dads been doing while we made this?
  8. Did we tell you we made fudge?
  9. Whoa, i can feel the vain in my that normal?
  10. any last words matey?

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