just another impossible quiz. great for humiliating your friends.

Hello fellow internet nerds! I am here to give you a quiz that will make you cry. it will make you cry and your friends laugh. at you. because you will not get a perfect score on this quiz unless you cheat, or do it more than once, so just do it so that you can fail and your friends can laugh at you and you can get back to all the other things you were supposed to be doing.

oh, by the way, this quiz will take all you have in you, so be prepared. it will start of simple and then get harder and harder until you beg for mercy. and you will beg for mercy, i promise you that. and if you dont, then you are going to fail anyway, so im still happy. (laugh maniacally)

Created by: greenonion42

  1. what is the answer to life, the universe, and everything?
  2. Who is Borg?
  3. What is the most popular name in America?
  4. is it legal to whistle underwater in west virginia?
  5. who is the only author to have a book under every dewey decimal category?
  6. in a deck of cards, what is the only king without a mustache?
  7. what language are police dogs trained to respond in?
  8. what occupation was charlie browns father?
  9. what is the largest number of children born to one woman?
  10. what causes the sound we hear by seashells placed to the ear?
  11. what are the plastic things on the ends of shoelaces called?
  12. what is the dot over the letter i called?
  13. what is the only word that doesnt rhyme?
  14. what color was coke when it first came out?
  15. most boat owners name their boats. what is the most popular name?
  16. what is the day with the most collect calls?
  17. what percent of statistics are made up? heheheh
  18. how many left handers die each year using products designed for right handers? (so thats why there are'nt that many of them...)

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Quiz topic: Just another impossible quiz. great for humiliating my friends.