How Embarassed Do YOU Get?

We all have embarassing moments. How do we deal with them? How do we act after something humiliating occurred? Everyone has a different way of dealing with embarassment. Some start feeling very uncomfortable or nervous, others can laugh it off.

So how do you deal with embarassment? I know there are quite a few quizzes like these, but wanted to try making one myself. I'm not sure if it's accurate... But I hope so! ^ ^'

Created by: Kimberley

  1. Greetings, quiztaker! Hmm, speaking of greetings, let's say you spot a cute girl/hot guy. You walk up to him/her to introduce, but accidentaly sputter and stutter gibberish. You...
  2. If someone catches you undressing yourself, you...
  3. You take a shower. While doing so, you start tapping your feet on the bottom of the bathtub and start singing. Later on you find out your roommate has recorded the singing (only the singing, not the showering). You...
  4. Someone, unknowingly to you, plays a prank on you. The moment you sit on a bench and try to get up, you find yourself glued tightly to the chair. You...
  5. Anyway, someone (or you) managed to get the chair off, but it accidentaly rips your pants along. What do you do?
  6. Imagine you accidentaly wet your pants in public. What do you say?
  7. You are carrying a pile of books and accidentaly fall down the stairs! You quickly get back up and are fine, not injured or anything, but you find the others around you chuckling, laughing, and/or grinning. Your response:
  8. Your worst enemy knows your secret and tells this embarassing secret to everyone he knows. What do you do?
  9. Someone cracks a joke involving you. Everyone laughs. You...
  10. What would you backfire if someone made fun of you or called you names?
  11. Someone trips and a few people start laughing. You...
  12. Someone points out a "kick me" paper is struck to your back. He/she peels it off and you notice people are chuckling. Your response:

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Quiz topic: How Embarassed do I Get?