Who's Your Emo Boyfriend

Erik is the quiet type. Whenever he has a problem he can't say it out loud without you asking if he's alright first. He often gets very emotional and over reacts in certain situations and just needs someone to be there for him. Erik also has a stutter problem. He is very shy. Erik enjoys cuddling, singing, and watching old cartoons from the 1990's.

Ned is a little nerdy. He likes video games, Star Trek, and pokemon. Ned is very awkward and has trouble with asking people out or telling his own opinion so you're just going to have to ask "what do you think?". Ned can be shy at times but he'll mostly be random and fun! Though Ned doesn't hate a lot of things he hates it when people get Star Trek and Star Wars mixed up.

Created by: BoyfriendQuizzes

  1. What describes your personality most?
  2. Do you have a soft side
  3. Pick an animal!
  4. Which would you rather watch?
  5. You see someone who looks sad...
  6. Your friend is about to go up on stage for a talent show. You say...
  7. Your friend lost the talent show
  8. You feel sick on the night a guy asked you out
  9. You drive past a couple...,what do you do?
  10. Pick a colour
  11. Pick a character
  12. Pick a date
  13. Pick one!

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