Careful Thinking Quiz

This quiz enables you to use your brain in an efficient manner. If I'm confusing you already then leave before I force you to jump off a ledge by crushing your dreams. This is a test meant to make you think, and hard. Have a tissue handy.

I mean it. For all you sucky, soft, emotional, easily-crushable, idiotic people that can't take a simple, small insult about your inferior intelligence, then leave now or prepare to cry. I hope you know your facts, and I pray that for your sorry sake you can do problem solving.

Created by: Nathalie
  1. Police confront a man on a homicide case, and he claims that he was not at the scene of the crime. He says he was at the park, watching squirrels back down a tree.
  2. A man went to tie his shoes. First looping the two laces. He then repeated his actions backwards. What know did he tie?
  3. Based on Einstein's teachings, if a man thinks that a cloud looks like a horse, yet another man sees a centaur, then these men are?
  4. What disability did Einstein have?
  5. A man who is wearing sunglasses is standing near a pond, when a woman waves at him. As she does this, he doesn't wave back. Why?
  6. A dog and a raccoon are in the same room together. The dog is sleeping, and the raccoon is awake. What happens?
  7. If a man who is colour-blind sees red as green and blue as orange, then what is yellow to him?
  8. A girl in grade 4 in Toronto begins t learn French. Her cousin in Calgary is also in grade 4. The cousin in Toronto spoke French to the cousin in Calgary. She doesn't understand. Why?
  9. A man is driving down a snowy road when he sees a squirrel. He swerves to get out of the way. All he sees is a glove on the ground. Where is the squirrel?
  10. What does a woman mean if she says 'ell way'?
  11. A man draws a dotted line by a dotted square. He then draws a solid line next to a solid square. Is this relevant?
  12. Hermes, Zeus, Aphrodite, and Hera are all Greek names. But who are they?
  13. If a dog has 3 legs, then that means?
  14. A man has a goat, a wolf, and a cabbage. He needs to get them to the other side of a river, but only two will fit on his boat at one time with him. What order should he go in?
  15. If you let go of a piece of wood under water, it floats. Why?

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