How Do You Act Socially??

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Everyone acts differently today when it comes to certain social events. How to act when you fall on your face, get made fun of.. or even asked embarassing questions in public?

Are you cool enough to forget about these stupid ways of judgement and ba able to be th emost awesome you there EVER will be... if so, you should probably take that quiz right now!!

Created by: Arrion Hershey
  1. When you are at a new school (first day and your kinda nervous) and it's lunch time, what do you do for seating arrangements?
  2. Sooo.. PROM!
  3. Some people love their school. So you go to all the football games right?
  4. So, two people walk up to you and ask you who you like.. You say?
  5. Your Dad decides to throw you a shin dig for how well your doing in sports, or some academic extra activity after school, BUT it was a suprise.. Do you...
  6. Your idea of having fun is...
  7. Do you get in arguments a lot?
  8. If you fall down really obnoxious and loud what do you do?
  9. Colors guys.. colors..
  10. You guys are the greatest! How did you like the quiz?

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Quiz topic: How do I Act Socially??