How Will You Die?

Before you start this quiz, please note that this is nothing to worry about or cry's just a bit of harmless fun, so please please please don't be affected by this. So please try out my quiz and have a good old laugh!!!

WARNING:ONLY FOR JOKERS WHO CAN TAKE A JOKE AND LAUGH ABOUT IT. NON OF THIS IS REAL. ITS HARMLESS FUN. ITS NOT TRUE. :) I can't think of much else to say...I'm supposed to be writing a bit more...:)

Created by: Jade

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  1. Do you live in a highly polluted area? Eg, lots of smoke fumes and houses being built?
  2. Who do you hang out with in your free time?
  3. Do you smoke?
  4. Do you carry knifes and weapons around with you?
  5. What's the worst thing you've done to a person?
  6. Which animal inspires you?
  7. Do you drink a lot of alcohol?
  8. If someone told you to stop smoking, (even if you don't, just imagine), what would you reply with?
  9. What was your last row about?
  10. How would you describe yourself?
  11. Last Question...when was the last time you fell really badly? Like, blood everywhere and cuts?

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Quiz topic: How will I Die?