icabob loves rocks

there are people out there who are bored. just like me. so i made up this quiz just for the fun of it. if you like a good laugh then take my quiz but if you get mad easily i'd suggest that you dont take it.

are you bored? do people just start to get on your nerves lately? do you need a good laugh? well take this quiz and you'll be happy again. this is a VERY random quiz but i hope you enjoy it! have fun!

Created by: kelly&&katie
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you get on myspace everyday?
  2. have you ever heard of extremefunnyhumor.com?
  3. do always worry about what might happen tomarrow?
  4. finish the sentence: i love...
  5. true or false: is this survey gay?
  6. are you good at making people mad?
  7. do you lilke cheese?
  8. have you ever been to hawaii?
  9. what is you best friends name?
  10. im done with questions now, arent yuou happy?

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