Annoying Quiz (Very Hard)

Ah yes. Here we go. This, as the name suggests is an extremely annoying quiz. Being a genius probably won't help you here. Just don't trust your instincts.

You see, in this quiz, 100% of the questions contain some small trick or play of words, designed to lull you into a false sense of security. get a question wrong, and the points you loose don't depend on how badly wrong you were, more how predictable your answer is.

Created by: Owen
  1. How many wives did Henry VIII have? (Not how many marriages there were)
  2. How many nostrils does a human being have?
  3. On which continent is the driest place on earth?
  4. What is the highest mountain? (Or at least that we know of.)
  5. What is the tallest mountain in the world?
  6. What is the largest living thing in the world
  7. What is the largest thing a Blue Whale can swallow?
  8. Compared to its size, which bird lays the smallest egg?
  9. How long can a chicken survive without a head?
  10. Which animal group does thee animal greatly responsible for the most human deaths belong to?
  11. Do lemmings actually commit mass suicide?
  12. Chameleons change colour to:
  13. What man made artefact can be seen from the moon?
  14. Where was the guillotine invented?
  15. How many senses do we have?
  16. How many states of matter are there?
  17. The densest element is:
  18. Which scale is the chief scale used to measure earthquakes?
  19. What is the most common material in the world?
  20. What is the slowest speed light has been studied at?
  21. How many legs does a CENTipede have.

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