Would I think you're annoying?

There are lots of people on earth. Alot of them annoy me. Do you want to know if you would annoy me? Take this quiz! Answer truthfully and you will get accurate results.

ARE YOU ANNOYING?! If you were, I'm very sorry. It IS your fault that your annoying. Don't leave bad comments or rate poorly because you're annoying. THANKS SO MUCH FOR ACTUALLY READING THIS!

Created by: Gab

  1. Do you scream across rooms, halls, or buildings to your friends?
  2. Do you use the word "random" to describe yourself or others?
  3. Do you laugh after everything you say?
  4. Do you poke people sitting next to you, and then say "poke"?
  5. Does the phrase "epic fail" make sense?
  6. Do you constantly talk about sports?
  7. Do you wear bumpits?
  8. Do you wear huge fake diamond earrings?
  9. Are you obsessed with cats, manga, or anime?
  10. Do you wear blue eye shadow?
  11. Do you brag about your shoe size or how tall you are?
  12. Do you swear like a trucker?
  13. Do you ever wear socks with Adidas sandals?

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