The Fred Quiz (Check Out Youtube)

Fred is sweeping the nation. Ask any immature 10-year-old, and they will tell you just how awesome Fred is. Ask any 40-year-old parent, and they will tell you how annoying Fred is. Annoying or awesome, Fred is incredibly popular.

Now, this quiz is about just that: Fred. How well do you really know him? What are his hopes and dreams? Heck, what's his last name? Exactly. Now take the test.

Created by: Zachary
  1. How many Fred videos were there when the latest one was Fred's appearance in an album?
  2. How often does Fred put out a new episode?
  3. What's Fred's real name?
  4. What was Fred for his first Halloween?
  5. What was Fred's only video game console?
  6. Other than the Play Station, what else did Fred break on Halloween night?
  7. Would you want Fred's mom?
  8. What color is everything in the episode "Fred On St. Patricks Day"?
  9. What mental problem does Fred have?
  10. What does Fred do at the end of every episode?
  11. At the beginning of the series, what did Fred call the stray dog?
  12. What is the last firework that Fred lit ever called?
  13. What terrible thing that Fred used to do his mom laughed at?
  14. Whats Fred's last name?
  15. What did Fred get for his second Halloween?
  16. What does Fred get for Christmas?
  17. What did Santa say to dissapear?
  18. Who does Fred like?
  19. Name the song and author that Fred advertises?
  20. How many shirts does Fred have?
  21. What does Fred give Judy on May Day?
  22. Where were Fred's meds?
  23. What did Fred draw a picture of?
  24. Who's the school bully?
  25. Who is Fred's first worst fear?
  26. What time did Kevin beat Fred up?
  27. What was the color of pee of the second stray cat?
  28. What does Fred want to be when he grows up?

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