Fred Figglehorn Test

How well do YOU know Fred? Test your Fred knowledge here and see if you pass! What Fred? FRED FIGGLEHORN OF COURSE! I am one of Freds biggest fans! So try this quiz and see if you are to! I hope you studied!

What is your Fred Figglehorn IQ? Find out HERE! See if you are just a Fred ameture Or a hackin' awesome fan (Like me) So open up another tab to Youtube search Fred AND START THIS QUIZ! GOOD LUCK!

Created by: Shayna

  1. What episode does Fred wear fake teeth?
  2. What is Freds real name?
  3. Who saved Fred from being beat up?
  4. Where does Fred live?
  5. What show was Fred on?
  6. What is Freds summer job?
  7. What does Freds mom call him after she is back from rehab
  8. What are the neighborhood squrrils?
  9. What is Fred in the school play AND what is the play
  10. Where is his dad?
  11. Do you think you aced this test?

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