Who would be your Harry Potter boyfriend?

I reeeeaaaallllyyyy wanted to take a quiz like this...so I made it! Good job on you for taking it. It is with some small doubts that the Harry Potter guys are just shy of achieving complete and total awesomeness. If they haven't achieved it already...

Fred, George, Neville, Ron, Harry or Draco? Which guy should YOU date? Hands off Fred and Harry though, they're mine. And Draco too...on second thought, I just love all those guys. Join with me in my borderline obsessive nature, won't you? X-D

Created by: Daphne of The Evil Penguin
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  1. First off, what hair colour would you prefer your boyfriend to have?
  2. What qualities would you look for in a boyfriend?
  3. It's just another boring day at Hogwarts. What would you be found doing?
  4. Favourite Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher...GO!
  5. Favourite subject...GO!
  6. OMG first Quidditch game of the season...are you psyched?
  7. What position would you play in Quidditch?
  8. Battle against YKW...where are you?
  9. Who's your favourite guy from Harry Potter?
  10. Have you even READ the books?

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Quiz topic: Who would be my Harry Potter boyfriend?