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It may be three months away, but the GOP has been planning the Republican National Convention for some time -- and YouTube is a key part of their strategy. The Party plans to use the site to help y...

If one of the the custom charts I played was created by you, tell me your scorehero name so I can credit you. please check out my opening sequence to my new movie "SLOWLY FRAMED"

Created by: jeff

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. You unlock TTFAF by...
  2. 5 starring a song goes by
  3. Take thsi life is by
  4. What is the guitar called that you unlock for 5 starring expert
  5. Is Kyle Gay?
  6. does whammying get u more points
  7. How do you gold star a song
  8. how many songs are in a tier without encore songs?
  9. how many battle songs are there
  10. can u get 1million points on ttfaf if u get perfect

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