The M&M Quiz Cool Quiz

Okay... just so people know... this quiz does but doesn't have anything to do with M&M's as good as they are. Uhmm... in the making of this quiz, the makers had a fun time even though it was hard to come up with the questions... next paragraph... coming up!

Hmm... we have to have a certain amount of words and that is annoying because what if you don't have anything to say? What's the point in that? I mean, if you really wanted to say something, wouldn't you say it in the first paragraph? I would.

Created by: Emma & Anna of Cat Catch Mouse
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  1. Have you ever been in an accident?
  2. What question is this?
  3. What's your favorite color?
  4. What's your favorite animal?
  5. Do you like stickers?
  6. Did you used to have a purple car but you say that it is blue to act more manly to others?
  7. How many marathons have you ran?
  8. What's your fav. number?
  9. Have you ever heard of the musical "Pom Pom Zombies"?
  10. What time is it?

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